Online Daifuku Report 2018

The Value We Offer to Society

Respect human dignity (human rights, labor practices, safety, health)

Daifuku believes its employees are its most important asset. We aim to enhance the quality of work and life for each and every employee and build a comfortable workplace environment that places safety and health first and allows employees to maximize their capabilities.

Health management

In April 2018, Daifuku adopted its Health Management Declaration stating the clear objective to make a positive contribution in supporting an active and fulfilling quality of life for its workforce both at and outside the workplace.

Daifuku Group Health Management Declaration
  • Daifuku continuously promote activities to maintain and increase the physical and mental health of its employees, considering the health of all associates as fundamentals to the sustainable growth of its business.
  • Daifuku strives to provide comfortable and hygienic work environments with the aim of raising the quality of the work and the lives of each employee.
  • Daifuku, led by the Mental and Physical Health Promotion Committee, a companywide organization encompassing corporate and industry medical practitioners and public health nurse and labor unions, promotes to raise health awareness and the work-life balance of its employees by implementing health promotion measures.

Daifuku’s management-led Mental and Physical Health Promotion Committee was established in 2006. The committee organizes and implements a range of health promotion measures and events that address the health issues of its employees. Moreover, Daifuku published the Daifuku White Paper on Health as a means of communicating with employees. This publication offers an opportunity for employees to consider health issues.

In addition, Daifuku was chosen for the first time for the Health and Productivity Stock Selection 2018 as well as being recognized for the second straight year as an excellent enterprise for Health and Productivity Management 2018 (White 500).

The 2018 Health and Productivity Stock Selection, a program run by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), recognizes TSE-listed companies deploying management practices benefiting the health of their employees. One company each in 26 sectors was selected.

Daifuku was recognized as one of 541 large enterprises in the 2018 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition program. Jointly run by METI and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi, the program acknowledges corporations of all sizes that operate outstanding programs promoting employee health and productivity.

Raising safety awareness

With the growing volume of business in recent years, there has been a proportionally fractional increase in work-related injuries. Accordingly, eliminating work accidents is an utmost priority, which requires that we overcome certain basic challenges, such as the decreased on-site management capacity along with an increase in young personnel, the communication challenges that come with diversifying and creating a multi-layered supply chain, and the work needed to convey our culture of safety to every corner of the Group. We are focusing our efforts in the following key areas to ensure we maintain the highest level of safety.

Training for on-site decision making

Daifuku provides specialized training to enhance the safety management capabilities of project supervisors overseeing on-site activities. Particular attention is paid to raising awareness of potential dangers at projects that involve using scaffolding by providing instruction on the proper use of safety equipment in such cases.

Health and safety seminars for top management

A strong sense of safety awareness among upper management is essential to preventing work accidents. Daifuku holds annual seminars to disseminate its culture of safety among the management of the Company and its suppliers. At the seminars, Daifuku promotes maintaining a high level of safety awareness through an award program to recognize suppliers that have proactively implemented health and safety measures.

Safety conferences across the Group

Daifuku holds an annual conference across the Group worldwide to share information on safety. The globalization of our activities has resulted in a diverse range of operating conditions and companies involved. The annual conference gives Group members a forum to introduce safety and health initiatives at their operating sites and to deepen their understanding of working conditions in different environments, all with the aim of increasing safety throughout the Group.

Generating Group collaboration with global staff

Global leadership training program

Since 2011, Daifuku has been providing a global leadership training program for executive managers and the employees who are candidates for executive positions of non-Japanese affiliates. The program includes senior management presenting lectures on Daifuku’s management philosophy, basic management policy, business strategy, and investor relations Initiatives, along with a curriculum on topics ranging from company rules to CSR. Joint group-work exercise with Japan-based members are also held focusing on cross-cultural understanding and communication skills to deepen the knowledge and communication aptitudes of our business leaders.

Respect human dignity (human
rights, labor practices, safety,
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