Online Daifuku Report 2018

To Our Stakeholders

Enhancing corporate growth by balancing business activities with social soundness

Since its founding in 1937, Daifuku has been providing our customers worldwide with the best solutions to raise their global competitiveness, as a manufacturer and system integrator of a comprehensive range of material handling systems.

Material handling systems have attracted attention in recent years, as a key component of the social infrastructure that addresses social issues, such as labor shortages and productivity bottlenecks, and Daifuku has developed into the world leader in its field.

Throughout society, the emergence of new products and services gives rise to new consumer needs and a fresh sense of value, which in turn significantly transforms the structure of product sales channels and logistics. Daifuku seizes on these changes and treats them as a business opportunity. By leveraging our technology and knowhow cultivated over many years, we will respond to the diversified and sophisticated logistical requirements of our customers.

Since April 2018 under our new management structure, we have been rapidly implementing initiatives worldwide to ensure a corporate management that balances business activities and social integrity.

In doing so, we look forward to deepening our ongoing dialogue with all our stakeholders, while targeting the most promising opportunities for growth.

Akio Tanaka
Hiroshi Geshiro
President and CEO
Company Creed : Hini Arata “Today we are doing better than we were yesterday. Tomorrow we will be growing ahead of where we are today.”

To Our Stakeholders (PDF: 352 KB)