Evolving into a Value Innovator Providing Supply Chain Value to the World Solutions for a Competitive Edge

Always an Edge Ahead

To create a world-class logistics system , Daifuku .

To evolve the logistics in state-of-the-art solutions , Daifuku .

To the future , to the world , it opens up the possibility of logistics , Daifuku .

  • Daifuku's Businesses

    Daifuku's Businesses

    Short video introduction of Daifuku's material handling businesses. (42 sec.)


    Logistics Solutions

    An introduction to Daifuku's material handling systems and products.

  • Hini Arata Kan

    Hini Arata Kan

    Our experienced staff will guide you through an array of our latest material handling innovations found in our demo center, Hini Arata Kan.

  • Corporate Profile

    Corporate Profile

    Since its founding in 1937, Daifuku has provided optimal material handling systems to customers throughout the world.

  • Daifuku's Businesses


    As a responsible member of society, Daifuku strives to provide value to the environment and stakeholders through its businesses and other activities.