From the CEO

Aiming to Achieve the Targets of the New Medium-Term Business Plan

Masaki Hojo, President and CEO

Since its founding in 1937, Daifuku has continuously endeavored to further its expertise in material handling with a large number of installations in the manufacturing, distribution and service industries, and through everyone’s efforts we are proud to welcome in our 80th anniversary in May 2017. Currently, Daifuku has sales offices and production sites in 22 countries and regions, with our non-Japan sales ratio exceeding over 66% of total sales.

In February 2017, Daifuku announced its corporate management plan, Value Innovation 2020, for the four-year period from April 1, 2017, to March 31, 2021. In the plan, with awareness of the importance of social responsibility, we will provide the best solutions to customers, continuing sustainable healthy growth. We respectfully ask for your continued support.

Masaki Hojo, President and CEO
Daifuku Co., Ltd.