Online Annual Report | 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Customers Quality Initiative

Patents registered by region
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Daifuku has established its Rules on Inventions and Designs. Under these rules, the Company actively promotes patent applications and the acquisition of rights with a special focus on newly developed products. The progress of globalization has resulted in an increased number of patent applications made outside of Japan in recent years.

Every year, Daifuku presents in-house innovation awards to patent-pending inventions awaiting patent registration. During fiscal 2016, the Grand Prize was given to its subsidiary Contec Co., Ltd.’s IoT solution - CONPROSYS. The Innovation Award was given to 10 additional products.

Employees Workplace Safety

Safety arch at Daifuku’s U.S. subsidiary

Based on the concept that safety is the ultimate priority, Daifuku has moved the Central Safety & Health Committee under the direct control of the president and strives to eradicate workplace accidents. With the aim of passing on a corporate culture that for years has focused on safety, identifying undiscovered risks, and securing intrinsic safety, Daifuku holds several occupational safety and health management system certifications at its major sites, such as OHSAS 18001 and the JISHA method. Also, the Company encourages these management systems across the Group worldwide.

Suppliers Trust Relationships with Suppliers

Employees Certified in Procurement 1,301

Daifuku shall strive for fair and impartial transactions and seek safety, quality, cost and delivery, in accordance with basic procurement policies and CSR procurement standards.

Procurement is an important task directly linked to financial results. In strict enforcement of compliance, Daifuku has introduced a qualification system for persons engaged in procurement operations so that they obtain the necessary knowledge to conduct their work.

Communities Outreach

More than 230 students attended the lecture by President Hojo.

Daifuku, as a good corporate citizen, aims to be a company that contributes to the development of both the economy and society by proactively conducting community-based activities. From April to July 2017, Daifuku sponsored a course on logistics at Waseda University’s School of Commerce.

As part of its community contribution activities, Daifuku participates in cleanup activities, puts forward its facilities to be used by communities in the event of natural disasters, and implements site tours for its factories and the Daifuku Mega Solar power plant within the Shiga Works.

Contribute to the
environment through
corporate activities
Environmental Initiatives

Certified Daifuku Eco-­Products 38

Daifuku operates an in-­house program to rate and certify the energy and environmental design of its own products. We rate every product in terms of: energy saving, recyclable, lightweight, long life, resource saving, water saving, low noise, clean water preservation, and harmful substance(s) reduced. Products that meet a certain standard are certified as a Daifuku Eco-Product. During fiscal 2016, nine more products were added to the lineup of certified Daifuku Eco-Products.

CO2 Reduction Contribution

Daifuku strives to decrease its carbon footprint by providing environmentally friendly products and services.

The contribution towards reduced CO2 from its products and services is calculated by taking the amount of CO2 released and subtracting it from the amount released during fiscal 2005, which acts as the base year.

CO2 reduction contribution from environmentally friendly products
CO2 reduction contribution from environmentally friendly products

For more details on Daifuku’s CSR activities, please refer to Daifuku’s CSR Report or website: