Global Presence

The Daifuku Group is actively expanding into global markets and today operates in production and sales in 22 countries and regions. During fiscal 2015, the non-Japan sales ratio accounted for 66% to total net sales.

FY2015 sales by region, ratio to total net sales

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Top 20 worldwide materials handling systems suppliers 2015 (Net Sales, U.S. million dollars)

No.1: DAIFUKU($2,726 million)

Source: Modern Materials Handling - May 2016
* Equity-method affiliate since July 2012

Daifuku’s global production sites
  • Shiga Works (Main Campus)Shiga Works (Main Campus)
  • Komaki WorksKomaki Works
  • Daifuku AmericaDaifuku America
  • Jervis B. WebbJervis B. Webb
  • WynrightWynright
  • Jervis B. Webb CanadaJervis B. Webb Canada
  • Contec DTxContec DTx
  • Daifuku (China) AutomationDaifuku (China) Automation
  • Daifuku (China) ManufacturingDaifuku (China) Manufacturing
  • Daifuku (Suzhou) Cleanroom AutomationDaifuku (Suzhou) Cleanroom Automation
  • Daifuku KoreaDaifuku Korea
  • Clean FactomationClean Factomation
  • Hallim MachineryHallim Machinery
  • Taiwan DaifukuTaiwan Daifuku
  • Taiwan ContecTaiwan Contec
  • Daifuku SingaporeDaifuku Singapore
  • Daifuku ThailandDaifuku Thailand
  • Daifuku LoganDaifuku Logan