Grab the Future with AMHS Cleanroom Global Business


High Efficiency / Cleanliness / Low Vibration

Your challenges are our motivation.

高效率 / 高潔淨度 / 低振動



Grab the Future with AMHS

Developed through technological innovation, the Daifuku AMHS delivers new value to customers with its high efficiency, cleanliness and low vibration in storage and transportation.


以走在尖端的技術革新,提供客戶高效率化、 高潔淨度、低振動的保管與搬送方案, 創造新價值。

Seiji Sato

Director, Managing Officer General Manager, Cleanroom Global Business Head

Seiji Sato

常務董事 Cleanroom事業群執行長

Future Vision

Future Vision

“AI” technology will change storage and transportation systems. With the movement of products no longer limited to rails, the concept of the production line will begin to change. Daifuku is the one to lead this future.

以AI技術改變保管與搬送作業。 不再被軌道限制, “生產線”的概念也將隨之改變。 我們將持續創造未來。



Japanese companies are renowned worldwide for their craftsmanship. In a world where quality and accuracy are paramount, Daifuku is your expert.

起源於日本的精細工藝,傳承日式精密技術。 分毫不差的精準度是我們的專業。

Technology Video

Flat Panel Display

Flat Panel Display

Overhead Mask Lifter (Flat Panel Display)


AMHS for Semiconductor Fabrication Plant

Zip Tower System (Semiconductor)

Automated Material Handling Systems Solution

Automated Material Handling Systems Solution for Semiconductor Backend process

Advanced AMHS Controllers: Material Control System & OHT Controller


Drone Wireless Charging Station

D-PAD Wireless Charging System

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