Jan 11, 2016

Modern Materials Handling features Jervis B. Webb in "AGVs roll into the next frontier"

"Along with direction from the ERP, AGVs typically use their own traffic management software to coordinate activity. This allows for real-time responsiveness that provides further value to the higher systems. “Some of the ERP systems can be difficult to modify,” says Dave Noble, senior sales engineer for Jervis B. Webb, a subsidiary of Daifuku North America, “but if the fleet management software can determine that a specific vehicle is closer to the next task, it can reassign it on the fly and increase efficiency. When directions come down, each AGV can accept them, alter them, or accept and add a follow-up task. This creates a circular loop of improvement.”"

 Full article:  http://www.mmh.com/article/agvs_roll_into_the_next_frontier