Oct 16, 2015

DC Velocity Highlights Webb SmartCart AGCs at CKNA

DC Velocity November 2015 Issue highlights Webb SmartCart AGCs at Calsonic Kansei North America (CKNA) in "Starting Over" by Toby Gooley, Senior Editor.

"CKNA called in Meiji Corporation, a value-added reseller (VAR) and systems integrator for automation products, and asked it to bid on the AGC segment of the project. Meiji Corp., the U.S. arm of Japan's Meiji Denki, had previously installed Model 100TT SmartCart AGCs manufactured by Jervis B. Webb Co., a unit of Daifuku North America, in the Lewisburg plant."

Read the full article to see how "Calsonic Kansei North America abandoned its old internal logistics processes and adopted a completely new approach, eliminating local drayage, building a brand-new DC, and installing custom-designed automatic guided carts. The award-winning project achieved ROI well ahead of schedule."