Jan 15, 2015

Daifuku Webb Holding Company Launches New Name and Corporate Identity

From Daifuku Webb Holding Company

FARMINGTON HILLS, MICH. (January 15, 2015)

Daifuku Webb Holding Company – the leading provider of material handling solutions – has changed its name to Daifuku North America Holding Company and will begin using the iconic Daifuku logo in 2015.

Incorporating the Daifuku logo better aligns Daifuku North America with other Daifuku entities across the globe. Daifuku North America oversees Daifuku America Corporation, Jervis B. Webb Company, Wynright and Elite Line Services (ELS).

Transitioning to the new brand is designed to add value to customers, according to Daifuku North America Holding Company’s Chairman & CEO Brian Stewart.

“Our North American customers will increasingly benefit from the industry-leading capabilities of the $2.5 billion Daifuku enterprise,” Stewart said. “The newly aligned Daifuku North America will enable us to provide an efficient and fully integrated range of products and services, and better access to the global resources and expertise of the Daifuku Group.”

While Daifuku North America will serve as the unifying brand umbrella, each company will continue to maintain its own name, customer base and product lines.

“We are extremely proud of the portfolio of innovations our companies have developed over the years,” Stewart continued. “Our world-renown products are setting a new standard of excellence in the material handling industry.”

About Daifuku North America Holding Company

Daifuku North America Holding Company is based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, with sales and manufacturing locations throughout the continent. It is comprised of Daifuku America Corporation, Jervis B. Webb Company, Elite Line Services, Inc. (ELS), and Wynright Corporation and is a global leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and service of innovative material handling technology such as automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), conveyors, baggage handling systems, bulk handling systems, cleanroom systems and airport maintenance services. Daifuku North America specializes in integrated systems used in the automotive, airport, semiconductor, LCD equipment, food/beverage, bulk, warehousing and manufacturing industries.