Apr 30, 2009

A Top Material Handling System Supplier

As ranked by Modern Materials Handling magazine

SALT LAKE CITY– April 30, 2009-Over the past 10 years, Daifuku has consistently ranked a top material handling system supplier by Modern Materials Handling magazine.  This year, is no exception.  Again, Daifuku appears as number two on the list for the fourth year in a row.  Revenue reported for 2008 was $2.41 billion, which puts Daifuku only slightly behind Schaefer Systems International out of Germany, which reported revenue of $2.51 billion.

Ten years ago, Daifuku reported earnings of $1.3 billion and has shown consistent growth over time.  Reported revenue represents global earnings in the Americas, Asia, and Europe for Daifuku’s 3 divisions – Manufacturing & Distribution, Automotive, and Cleanroom.

To be considered for the Top 20 list, companies must manufacture at least two major handling system components (ex. storage and staging equipment, sortation systems, software and controls, etc.).  Companies must also design, install, integrate and implement their own materials handling systems.

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