Jan 2, 2007


Dual cranes work together on a single rack delivering increased throughput

Salt Lake City, Jan. 3, 2007 – Daifuku, the automated material handling solutions innovator, introduces its first Synchronized AS/RS, the result of years of research and development.

“The Synchronized System was developed to have the highest throughput in the world,” said Nobo Morita, executive vice president of Daifuku America Corporation’s Factory Automation and Distribution Automation unit.

The synchronized two-crane system performs three times faster than dual fork Mini Load automated storage and retrieval systems, outputting 800 cases per hour compared to 280 cases during the same time period. With two cranes in one aisle, throughput can almost double if conditions such as scheduling are favorable.

Actual crane traveling speed is 1,312 ft/min while vertical speed can reach 328 ft/min. Transfer of load between crane and rack in 1.5 seconds.

“With the Synchronized System, two cranes work together on a single rack. Each crane can store and retrieve its own load, but the real excitement and benefit occurs when the two cranes work together to quickly and efficiently move a larger load,” said Morita.

Similar to other products in Daifuku’s AS/RS line, the Synchronized System will be commercialized according to market demands and required customer specifications.

View a short video of our latest innovation at www.solutionsthattransform.com or visit ProMat booth 2041 to learn more.