Service Bulletins

Below is a list of recent service bulletins, which provide information about services or installing specific Daifuku North America products.

Airport Baggage Handling Systems

Hyponic Long Term Storage PDF (105 kB) Rockwell L7X Processor Problem PDF (157 kB)

Power & Free and other Industrial Conveyors

Power & Free 4" - 6" Trolley Swaging Requirements PDF (92 kB) Power & Free Carrier Pedestal Bolts PDF (65 kB) Unibilt Lubrication Requirements PDF (419 kB) Power & Free Chain Lubrication PDF (221 kB)

SmartHandling - AGVs and AGCs

Proface Product Change PDF (109 kB) Colubris Radio Channel Limits (AGV) PDF (84 kB) Disengagement of Auburn Gear Model 40 Power Wheel PDF (123 kB) Duncan Transducer Replacement PDF (291 kB) Traffic Cone Placement PDF (266 kB) ProTech Charger PDF (127 kB) LEMCO Motor Brush Service PDF (1.1 MB) SmartCart 50 Steering Retro Fit PDF (143 kB) SPE Battery Charger PDF (132 kB) Radio Power Supply Modification PDF (151 kB) Drive Lifter with Laser Bumper PDF (445 kB) Auto Restart Bumper in Firmware v5.13 PDF (103 kB) Setup and Reconfiguration of Radios PDF (1.2 MB) CCU Board Configuration PDF (95 kB) Radio Firmware PDF (1.1 MB) Keyence Lens Replacement PDF (97 kB) Battery Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide PDF (167 kB) AGV/AGC Long Term Storage PDF (180 kB)

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