Daifuku Eco-Action Program

Eco-Action Program

In 2012, Daifuku set up its Eco-Action program, which rewards Eco-points for environmental activities undertaken by employees, in a bid to foster an environmental mindset and provided a variety of ecological activities in each region. A total of 5,603 employees participated in volunteer activities and environmental learning in fiscal 2016.
Eco-points gained by the employees can be exchanged with eco-friendly goods and other rewards. In addition, an amount equivalent to the total points gained by the employees is donated to external organizations.

  • Eco-Action Program
  • Eco-Action Program
  • Eco-Action Program

Change in number of participants

Total number of participants
Fiscal year 2013 2014 2015 2016
Total number of participants 1,604 2,566 2,945 5,603
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In FY2017, we plan to make the following donations as a part of our Eco-Action Program, an environmental initiative in which our employees take part.

Donation target
Donation target Amount Content
Shiga Prefectural Lake Biwa Museum
600,000 yen
(Previous year: 480,000 yen)
Supporting Renewal of the Museum on its 20th Anniversary
Hini Arata Kan carbon offset
550,000 yen
(Previous year: 410,000 yen)
Offset of CO2 emissions from operations and Hini Arata Kan courtesy shuttle bus service
Japan Committee for United Nations Decade on Biodiversity
850,000 yen
(Previous year: 1 million yen)
Various initiatives to raise public awareness of biodiversity preservation.

Environmental Award System

Environmental Award System

We established an Environmental Award System in 2014 to recognize the environmental initiatives of individual employees and internal company groups, which serves as a driving force of our environmental management efforts. In 2016, the individual award was given to an employee who made home furniture using lumber from thinning in the local area and leftovers from wood processing. The group award was given to a team that were assembled to undertake energy saving and environmental awareness activities at the Comprehensive Exhibition Hall in Hini Arata Kan, where they succeeded in reducing electricity usage by 10%.

Eco-leader Development Company Award

Environmental Award System

The commendation ceremony of the Eco-leader Development Company Award 2015, sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and the Environmental Consortium for Leadership Development, was held at the Ministry of the Environment on May 30, 2016. Daifuku was honored with the Incentive Award. This award is intended to recognize companies engaged in advanced initiatives related to eco-leader development. Through the Daifuku Eco-Action System, the company donates to initiatives that raise employee awareness and interest in the environment. This system was highly evaluated for its unique approach in supporting local environmental groups.

D-EMS (DAIFUKU Eco Management System)

By introducing a system for environmental information management in January 2017 and making monthly announcements of environmental information from each of our locations (including non-Japan affiliates), we have sped up the gathering, aggregating and analyzing of environmental information.
If there is a ±30% differential when employees enter the results compared to the same period in the previous year, it is considered an outlier, so an error will be displayed and a reason for the increase or decrease must be entered. This prevents input mistakes due to human error and is improving the accuracy of our comprehension of energy volume.We are planning to deploy throughout the company in order to help achieve our environmental targets.

Evaluation from Outside the Company

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