Relationship between Daifuku and Biodiversity

In order to clarify the relationship between business activities and ecosystems, Daifuku has mapped the interaction of product processes, land use, and other ecosystem aspects. Based on this map, Daifuku notes the impact on ecosystems by the land use at the Shiga Works, which is endowed with nature, and is conducting business activities that take biodiversity into account.

Conservation Activities at Shiga Works

In terms of site area, the Shiga Works is one of the largest land users in Shiga Prefecture. A survey of ecosystems within Shiga Works confirmed 642 native species and 49 endangered species. In order to preserve this precious natural environment for subsequent generations, we have established a biodiversity preservation activity called the “Yui Project” to promote communication both within and outside the company, and we are pursuing various conservation initiatives.

Results of Ecosystems Survey (endangered species)

Results of Ecosystems Survey
Classification Species Type
Birds Falcated duck, Grebes, Little ringed plover, Eurasian sparrowhawk, Buzzard, Red-rumped swallow, Olive-backed pipit, Bullfinch, Falcon, etc. 27
Amphibians Clouded salamander, Japanese brown frog, Leopard frog, Schlegel's green tree frog 4
Reptiles and mammalians Japanese pond turtle, Harvest mouse 2
Insect Asiagomphus pryeri (dragonfly), Trigomphus interruptus (dragonfly), Trigomphus ogumai (dragonfly), Epitheca marginata (dragonfly), Spring cicada, Asian giant hornet, Polyrhachis lamellidens 7
Fish Gin-buna, Dark sleeper 2
Plants Stalked adder’s tongue fern, Early amythesy (beautyberry), Yellow bladderwort, Platycodon, Atractylodes japonica, Agrostis valvata, Golden orchis 7
Total 49

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  • Falcon


  • Clouded salamander

    Clouded salamander

  • Japanese pond turtle

    Japanese pond turtle

  • Trigomphus ogumai

    Trigomphus ogumai

  • Cephalanthera falcata

    Cephalanthera falcata

  • Little grebe

    Little grebe

  • Spring cicada (shell)

    Spring cicada (shell)

  • Eurasian bullfinch

    Eurasian bullfinch

Yui no Mori

As part of a biodiversity preservation activity called the Yui Project*, which started at Shiga Works in 2014, we set up the Yui no Mori (Mori = forest; comprised of a conservation pond, learning square, etc.). We engaged in biodiversity conservation activities for a region-specific red pine forest, the rare clouded salamanders and other species. The project also serves as a learning environment inside and outside the company.

  • *Yui Project: Yui means to "bring together," and the project refers to various activities to bring together "water with greenery, people with nature, and people to people."

Creating opportunities for interacting with nature

Creating opportunities for interacting with nature

We hold nature observation events and workshops involving experts, so that employees have opportunities to interact with plants and animals living around the Shiga Works. In fiscal 2017, these included making a moss interior and Christmas wreaths using natural materials found on site.

Initiatives Outside the Company

Participating in the Shiga Green Purchasing Network’s "Biodiversity and CSR Study Group"

Participating in the Shiga Green Purchasing Network

We have participated as a founding organization in the working group called "Biodiversity and Environmental/CSR Research Association" that was established within the Shiga Green Purchasing Network general incorporated association since 2015. We are taking action towards the goals of creating places for "learning fundamental knowledge about biodiversity", "knowing about the latest CSR trends focused on the field of biodiversity" and "communication between association members".