RFID technology has been widely used by many industries to track assets and personnel. Assets and personnel can be tagged using passive tags and gantry readers installed at specific entry/exit points where assets and personnel are bound to pass by. An example would be installing a RFID gantry at the roller-shutter of a warehouse where assets would definitely pass by. The gantry readers captures movements of the tags, and these movements are subsequently feedback to the backend system for implementation of specific business requirements such as accountability checks, or anti-theft prevention.

Active RFID Tracking is generally used in cases whereby there are no specific entry/exit points that governs the movement of assets or personnel. Each asset or personnel will be attached with an Active RFID tag that will transmit data packets wirelessly to nearby readers (typically in the range of up to 60 meters indoors). Data packets will eventually be processed by a backend system that hosts an algorithmic software that is capable of calculating the location of the tag. After years of research and development, led by a dedicated research group in Singapore, Daifuku has successfully invented its very own Active RFID Tracking System, namely, Radio Frequency Wireless Management System (RF-WMS). The system is made up of tags and readers that are designed and developed locally by our Singapore team, and it also comprise of an algorithmic software that gathers information from the network of readers and tags to calculate the location of the tags. RF-WMS is a highly configurable system that provides superior positional accuracy of active tags attached to personnel or assets. RF-WMS tracks and displays movements of Active tags in a computer screen or via an iPad..

RF-WMS uses a network topology which allows tag data to be wirelessly transferred back to the backend server via intermediary readers that act as repeaters. No LAN cabling is needed, and this lowers down infrastructure costs significantly.

RFID Network

Daifuku's RF-WMS has been successfully deployed in a hotel in Singapore. Each VIP guests of the hotel is assigned with Daifuku’s Active tags which have the ability to open their assigned room with a button press on the tag. In this project, RF-WMS has been customised to include notifications to the concierge via iPad, whenever VIP is approaching . It is also customized to control the room ambience (air-conditioning, lightings, and television welcome message) when VIP is approaching his assigned room.