Passive RFID: Tag & Reader

The passive RFID technology solutions provided by Daifuku Singapore spans the Low Frequency (LF: 125 – 134.2 kHz), High Frequency (HF: 13.56MHz) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF: 868 – 928 MHz) range.

Applications of Passive RFID solutions:

Asset Management
Construction Material Management
Laundry Management
Inventory Management (Carton Box Tracking)
Jewellery Management (Retail)
Metal and Wooden Pallets Tracking (Logistics)
Tools Tracking (Aerospace)

The passive tags contain electronically stored data which can be read and decoded by using a RFID reader.

We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of passive RFID technology in the most demanding environment. Contact us for an immediate demonstration and proof of RFID technology at your premises.

Daifuku Singapore is the Value-Added Reseller for Convergent Systems Limited (CSL) in Singapore.