KOUFU - RFID Tray Return System

The system encourages patrons to return used food-trays on their own accord by offering a $0.20 incentive on every returned tray.

Every food tray is embedded with a RFID chip. Each food tray will be activated by the system upon issue to the patrons. Once patrons have finished their food, they return their trays in the RFID enabled racks which will then automatically dispense a $0.20 coin to reward the patron.

Patent Number : 2013038955

Jumbo - RFID Tray Return System

Daifuku's Tray return was pioneered at Ng Ah Sio Bah Kut Teh which is under Jumbo Group.
Their implementation was to include a $1 deposit during the purchase of food items.
Once customer finishes their food, they will return their trays to the designated tray returning racks, the system will then process the tray information which will in turn dispenses back the $1 deposit to the customer.