Daifuku assists customers from planning to proposal, design, manufacturing, installation, after-sales service and facility retrofits. We understand the unique requirements and challenges face by each customer. Our project managers, consultants, designers and developers are all overseas trained in the best practices of RFID. Harnessing our extensive site experience and RFID technological know-how, our RFID professionals are available to advise and assist you at every stage of your business operations.

Proof-Of-Concepts and Demonstration

Daifuku Singapore has conducted extensive proof-of-concepts in debunking myths on the RFID technology and designed a comprehensive workable solution in the most challenging environment for many of our customers. Our RFID Consultants are each equipped with a RFID technological workbox which can be easily setup for live demonstration. Customers are impressed by the speed in which we setup the RFID demonstration which can range from desktop scanners, handheld readers, active tracking environment and the wide range of RFID tags available for their demanding operations.

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