The start of something big


In 2013, Melbourne Airport partnered with Daifuku to create the world’s first purpose-built, dedicated Self Bag Drop (SBD) system inside their domestic Terminal 4. This ensured they maintained high levels of service and continued on a positive growth trajectory.


SBD increases the check-in capacity of an airport within the same footprint, allowing for up to 20% more SBD units to be installed, compared to traditional check-in counters.

  • Fully automated bag drop
  • We will place safety as a major premise in all aspects of our business activities
  • Biometric passport scanning (option)
  • Receipt printer (option)
  • Payment terminal (option)
  • ADA compliant
  • Low-profile conveyor for easy bag loading


Following hardware installation in 2013, Melbourne Airport has transitioned 20% of their international check-in process to SBD, including 100% adoption in their International T3 terminal.

With a single SBD able to process approximately ten times more baggage compared to conventional staffed check-in counters, the installation has provided the airport with sufficient capacity to meet current and future growth. Further, along with reducing required staff numbers in the check-in area, the airline can better utilise those staff for higher-value tasks.

“The SBD system eradicates queuing, making the process far more efficient. The main benefits to Melbourne Airport are that we can provide efficient infrastructure at a fraction of the price. It also gives time back to the passenger, allowing them to do things that they want to do.”

Bryan Thompson – General Manager Strategy, Planning and Development. Melbourne Airport.