• LOTTE Confectionery Co., Ltd.

    LOTTE Confectionery Co., Ltd.

    One of South Korea's largest, highest-throughput distribution centers achieves centralized control of over 700 dry and frozen items.

    Manufacturing South Korea
  • FANCL Corporation

    FANCL Corporation

    A state-of-the art distribution center consolidated the operations of eight locations. Utilizing RFID technology dramatically increased distribution efficiency

    Distribution Japan
  • Dagab AB

    Dagab AB

    Dagab AB enhanced its automated warehouse system and launched operations at a new core location. Reconfiguring the distribution structure has provided a significant efficiency boost

    Distribution Sweden
  • Yongma Logis Co., Ltd.

    Yongma Logis Co., Ltd.

    Yongma Logis installed a high-speed sorter as part of its new distribution hub center, making dramatic improvements in overall throughput and sorting accuracy

    Distribution South Korea
  • Chongqing Medicine Co., Ltd.

    Chongqing Medicine Co., Ltd.

    One of the China's finest pharmaceutical distribution centers drastically improved inventory control/shipping accuracy

    Distribution China
  • S. Narendrakumar & Co.

    S. Narendrakumar & Co.

    India’s largest selling spice brand installed AS/RSs and a sorting transfer vehicle to streamline production and shipping operations

    Manufacturing India
  • Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

    Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

    HATC resumes production with astounding speed in the aftermath of flooding in Thailand and fills the ongoing demand of the Asian automotive industry.

    Automotive Thailand
  • Kunming Changshui International Airport

    Kunming Changshui International Airport

    Established a baggage handling system including tray sorters at the fourth largest airport hub in China

    Airport China
  • Melbourne SBD

    Melbourne Airport

    The creation of the first purpose-built, dedicated Automated Bag Drop system in the world, designed to enhance the passenger experience.

    Airport Australia
  • Target Australia Pty Ltd

    Target open three new regional distribution centers to enhance their delivery network, partnering with Daifuku for all three sites.

  • TNT Australia Pty Ltd

    TNT open super hub facility installing major high speed sorting systems and 3D software suite, Sym3.

  • KLIA2

    KLIA2 Airport Kuala Lumpur

    The design, supply and install of automated baggage handling system for Malaysia’s next generation international airport hub.