Brad Jackson

The Daifuku Oceania Company is a summary of all the elements that make up who we are.

It is the vision we present to our teams, the guidance we provide to our people, the environment we create, and understanding of the needs of our customer and ourselves. All of which creates a lasting impression to the outside world of the values which we uphold, the areas in which we excel, and an expectation as to the relationships we create.

The emergence of Daifuku Oceania has arrived from embracing the global presence and heritage that our parent company brings, in addition to the long-term vision, we, as a business have created and continue to pursue. Being consistent in how we present ourselves, comprising of what we say, how we act, and how we deliver, ensures that everyone we encounter can appreciate and understand the Daifuku Oceania difference.

Our business is centred on people. People who support each other and our customers, and who drive innovation through service and technology. Our people understand they are part of a community and how their individual contribution has a sizeable impact on the business overall, its culture and performance.

We are passionate about protecting our customer's brand, and we remain forever attuned to our customer's current and future needs. Daifuku Oceania is known for being a business that looks beyond the obvious. A philosophy that can only be achieved by having in-depth knowledge and appreciation of our market, our customers, and our people.

Each one of us is a custodian of the Daifuku Oceania business, ensuring it remains a valuable and celebrated part of our future, as well as our history. To build upon our global potential and continue cultivating our reputation as industry innovators, thought leaders, and importantly, trusted partners. We believe our identity is something unique and can only be achieved through people, consistency, and positive behaviour.

Brad Jackson CEO – Daifuku Oceania Limited