Daifuku Oceania specialise in end-to-end solutions, operations and maintenance across aviation and intralogistics industries.

While our head office is located in Auckland, New Zealand, our projects span the globe, with offices throughout New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and Norway.

As the proud employer of over 500 staff, we recognise that our people are our greatest asset which is reflected in our business philosophy and values.

Daifuku Oceania is known for being a business that looks beyond the obvious. A belief that can only be achieved by having an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of our market, our customers and our people.Attuned to the ever-changing environment and demands of the industries we work within.


Our Structure

Daifuku Oceania operates within two of Daifuku’s core business units. Our expertise, focussed on delivering end-to-end solutions across intralogistics hardware, automation controls, and software solutions that have made Daifuku Oceania the partner of choice to airports, airlines, freight and industrial customers around the world. Our business intersects into two core verticals being Airport Technologies and Intralogistics.