The culture we create within Daifuku Oceania defines our business and the experience felt by both our people and our customers.

It is the central belief that connects each of us to a common goal, behaviour and approach. Across our diverse range of specialists, the scale of our operations and projects undertaken, the tenents of our culture remain consistent, expressed by the values we share.

Think safe act safe home safe – When it comes to safety, it is all of our responsibility. Being aware of our surroundings, respecting protocols and looking out for hazards. Assessing risk and proactively adapting preventative behaviours, ensures all of us, return home safe, always.

Outstanding value and service to the customer – Understanding our customers and their needs is central to everything we do. By delivering exceptional service and value, both internal and external is how we become trusted partners. Our high standards of service will continue to define us, acting as the golden thread to all we do.

Respect and trust for each other – We actively create an environment for ideas to be born, perspectives to be shared and people to shine. We are mindful in the manner of how we communicate, believe in ourselves and willingly support one another. Each of us possess the courage to learn from our mistakes and motivation to do our best.

To look beyond the obvious – Innovation is the lifeblood of our business and we cultivate this by challenging what is commonplace, valuing curiosity, driving trends, supporting diverse views and encouraging our people to share ideas fearlessly.

Having fun – When we enjoy challenges and the fellowship of others, it promotes a healthy mind, builds camaraderie and inspires collaboration. Collectively we contribute to a culture that improves creativity and celebrates achievements, stretching the boundaries of productivity.