Daifuku Report 2019

Our BusinessManufacturing and Distribution SystemsFA&DAFactory & Distribution AutomationCleanroom Production Line SystemseFA Electronics Factory AutomationAutomobile Production Line SystemsAFA Automotive Factory AutomationAirport TechnologiesATec Car Wash MachinesAWT Auto Washing TechnologiesElectronicsContec Provides storage, transport, sorting and picking systems to distributors and manufacturers in wide-ranging sectors, including e-commerce.Provides cleanroom storage and transport systems to semiconductor and flat-panel display factories essential for smartphones and tablet terminals.Provides automobile production line systems to automakers worldwide, centered around Japanese companies. The systems convey car bodies through the entire manufacturing process, such as press, weld, paint, and assembly.Provides a broad range of automated systems for airports, including baggage handling systems, to maintain safety, efficiency, and reliability.Provides car wash machines and related equipment for service stations, car dealers, and self-service car washes.Provides high-end industrial personal computers, circuit boards for measurement control, and network-related products through Daifuku’s subsidiary Contec Co., Ltd.Details on pages 24-25Details on pages 26-27Details on pages 28-29Details on pages 30-31Details on page 32Details on page 33As a manufacturer and system integrator of material handling systems, Daifuku has been offering its solutions to respond to the challenges of customers in a wide range of industries.5Daifuku Report 2019

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