Daifuku Report 2019

Data SectionConsolidated Statements of Income and Comprehensive IncomeDaifuku Co., Ltd. and consolidated subsidiaries For the years ended March 31, 2019 and 2018(Million yen)March 3120192018Net sales¥459,486¥404,925Cost of sales358,230321,836  Gross profit101,25583,089Selling expenses 18,87818,336General and administrative expenses 27,69624,828Total selling, general and administrative expenses46,57443,164  Operating income54,68139,924Other income: Interest income547223 Dividend income417388 Equity in earnings of affiliates172734 Land and house rental revenue243241 Other 456303 Total other income1,8361,891Other expenses: Interest expenses469373 Other 206337 Total other expenses675711  Ordinary income55,84241,105Extraordinary income: Gain on sales of property, plant and equipment 2796 Gain on sales of shares in affiliates 6,948— Other52345 Total extraordinary income7,499141Extraordinary loss: Retirement benefit expenses 6,897— Loss on sales of property, plant and equipment 9246 Loss on disposal of property, plant and equipment 215135 Impairment loss 807— Other—5 Total extraordinary loss8,012187  Income before income taxes 55,32941,059Income taxes Current20,21811,675 Deferred(5,077)28 Total income taxes15,14011,704  Net income40,18829,355  (Net income attributable to:)  Shareholders of the parent company39,56729,008  Non-controlling interests620346Other comprehensive income  Net unrealized gain (loss) on securities(693)1,097 Deferred gain (loss) on hedges(55)26 Foreign currency translation adjustments(3,321)1,154 Retirement benefits reserves adjustments5,7601,701 Share of other comprehensive income (loss) of affiliates accounted for using the equity method(1,078)97 Total other comprehensive income (loss)6114,078Comprehensive income¥ 40,800¥ 33,433 (Comprehensive income attributable to:) Shareholders of the parent company¥ 40,116¥ 33,034 Non-controlling interests683399(Yen)Net income per share ¥314.54¥235.62Cash dividends per share90.0070.0064

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