Daifuku Report 2019

(Million yen)March 31LIABILITIES20192018Current liabilities: Notes and accounts payable and construction contracts payable ¥ 47,883¥ 46,450 Electronically recorded obligations - operating 23,91522,826 Short-term borrowings and current portion of long-term borrowings 19,43117,267 Current portion of bonds —2,700 Income taxes payable13,38810,360 Advances received on uncompleted construction contracts and other29,24528,298 Provision for losses on construction contracts 317562 Other current liabilities 21,77920,322  Total current liabilities155,961148,789Non-current liabilities: Long-term borrowings 20,56918,000 Deferred tax liabilities 485531 Liabilities for retirement benefits 7,45911,656 Other non-current liabilities 2,6202,562  Total non-current liabilities31,13532,749  Total liabilities187,097181,539NET ASSETSShareholders’ equity : Common stock:  Authorized—250,000,000 shares  Issued—126,610,077 shares31,86531,865 Capital surplus21,51820,717 Retained earnings162,722129,654 Less: treasury stock, at cost—March 31, 2019—795,986 shares(1,449)(782) March 31, 2018—828,727 shares  Total shareholders’ equity214,656181,454Accumulated other comprehensive income: Net unrealized gain (loss) on securities4,5545,358 Deferred gain (loss) on hedges(20)34 Foreign currency translation adjustments2,0036,360 Accumulated adjustments on retirement benefits (2,505)(5,328)  Total accumulated other comprehensive income4,0326,424Non-controlling interests Non-controlling interests4,1953,595 Total net assets222,885191,474 Total liabilities and net assets¥409,982¥373,01363Daifuku Report 2019

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