Daifuku Report 2019

Data SectionConsolidated Balance SheetsDaifuku Co., Ltd. and consolidated subsidiaries March 31, 2019 and 2018(Million yen)March 31ASSETS20192018Current assets: Cash on hand and in banks ¥ 90,916¥ 85,160  Notes and accounts receivable and unbilled receivables 191,867163,101  Merchandise and finished goods5,4975,084  Costs incurred on uncompleted construction contracts and other 14,07410,657  Raw materials and supplies14,63411,296  Other current assets9,47510,915  Less: allowance for doubtful accounts(226)(128)  Total current assets326,239286,088Non-current assets:Property, plant and equipment : Buildings and structures, net15,04115,091  Machinery and vehicles, net4,3794,411  Tools and fixtures, net1,9151,768  Land12,16211,800  Other, net3,5222,179   Total property, plant and equipment37,02035,252 Intangible assets: Software3,4253,208  Goodwill7,5618,794  Other1,4732,035   Total intangible assets12,46014,037 Investments and other assets: Investments in securities 15,34123,976  Long-term loans145140  Assets for retirement benefits 4,9323,967  Deferred tax assets 10,5296,367 Other3,5103,319  Less: allowance for doubtful accounts(198)(136)  Total investments and other assets34,26237,635  Total non-current assets83,74286,925  Total assets¥409,982¥373,01362

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