Daifuku Report 2019

Growth and VisionToday we are doing betterthan we were yesterday.Tomorrow we will be growingahead of where we are today.Corporate Policies StructureGroup Code of ConductManagement Philosophy1. Provide the best solutions to benefit the global markets and the development of society.2. Focus on healthy, growth-driven global management under a diverse and positive corporate culture.– We will act in accordance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, social norms and ethics.– We will place safety as a major premise in all aspects of our business activities.– We will remain committed to the creed of “Hini Arata” as we take on new challenges and make changes for the better.Basic StanceThis Group Code of Conduct defines the fundamental principles we (all directors, officers and employees of the Daifuku Group) should follow in order to realize the Daifuku Group company creed and management philosophy.In performing our duties as members of the Daifuku Group, we act faithfully in accordance with this Code under the following Basic Stance.Company CreedCompany CreedManagement PhilosophyGroup Code of ConductBrand PropositionBrand MessageBrand SymbolCorporate Policy4

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