Daifuku Report 2019

Environment, Society, GovernanceDirectors, Auditors, and Officers (As of June 21, 2019)DirectorsAkio TanakaChairmanAkio Tanaka has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, primarily in the mainstay manufacturing and distribution systems business. As executive vice president and COO since 2014, he has overseen the Daifuku Group’s businesses and proactively promoted production and structural reforms aimed at fundamentally bolstering profitability. In 2018, he became the Group’s chairman and will focus his efforts on completing structural reforms, with an eye, in particular, on improving the work-life balance of employees.Hiroshi GeshiroPresident and CEOHiroshi Geshiro has abundant experience in the mainstay manufacturing and distribution systems business, mainly in sales worldwide. He has held division-wide responsibility as the head of the aforementioned business since 2014. In particular, he has led business development in the distribution sector, with a proven track record and a wide range of hands-on experience in a number of different industries. In 2018, he became the Group’s president and CEO.Mikio InoharaExecutive Vice PresidentCFO and CROMikio Inohara has extensive knowledge in the fields of accounting and finance. As an executive vice president and the Group’s CFO, and CRO since 2014, he has been working to increase corporate value and manage risk, as well as focusing on investor relations activities.Shuichi HondaDirectorSenior Managing OfficerAirport TechnologiesShuichi Honda promotes globalized management based on his international knowledge and involvement in managing a Japanese megabank, while serving as the head of the airport technologies business, which is composed mainly of non-Japan subsidiaries.Hidenori IwamotoDirectorManaging OfficerAutomotive Factory AutomationHidenori Iwamoto’s career centers on the sales of the automobile production line systems business, and he has management experience and a strong track record in a non-Japan subsidiary.54

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