Daifuku Report 2019

Keiko Kaneko (Newly assumed office in June 2019)Pre-emptying any potential issues to ensure the Company’s world-class statusOn a daily basis, as a lawyer specialized in corporate affairs, I support business acquisitions, mergers, and splits, draw up business agreements, and handle scandals and crisis. In cases where I handle corporate scandals and crisis, I must make decisions that take into consideration many factors as we strive to minimize damage to the company amidst a situation that changes hourly, which certainly can be stressful. I am impressed by Daifuku’s sincerity, and I believe that Japan can boast about the Company to the world because it has become recognized worldwide for quality. My impression after assuming office is that the employees are hardworking and sincere and that the business is even more global than I had imagined. One of the most emphasized roles of outside directors is halting initiative that turn out to be problematic for the Company. However, I would say one fundamental duty is protecting companies by highlighting areas of potential risk before they hinder sustainable growth. Accordingly, I believe my role is to consider the situation and act together with the company, all while remaining one-step apart. Although Daifuku’s business is quintessentially global, there tends to be a high level of homogeneity, and because of this, some ideas may be widely accepted as the norm within the Company. However, from my role as an outside director, I will provide an outside and rational perspective to point out any instances where I consider there is not fully plausible judgement. That said, judgement and reasoning is subjective, therefore I must be objective and evaluate my own views and ideas as I fulfill my duties.ProfileApril 1991 Joined Mitsubishi CorporationApril 1999 Registered as an attorney, belonging to Daini Tokyo Bar AssociationApril 1999 Joined Anderson Mori & TomotsuneJanuary 2007 Partner, Anderson Mori & Tomotsune (to present)April 2007 Visiting Associate Professor at Graduate School of Law of the University of TokyoNovember 2012External Statutory Auditor, Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. (to present)November 2012Statutory Auditor, UNIQLO Co., Ltd. (to present)June 2013 External Statutory Auditor, The Asahi Shimbun Company (to present)53Daifuku Report 2019

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