Daifuku Report 2019

Deepening my understanding of Daifuku’s business and fulfilling my supervisory function from an objective standpointAt Kanematsu-Gosho, I was primarily involved in financial and accounting affairs. At Kanematsu Electronics, where I am currently employed, I have spent my time and energy on unifying the corporate culture and values, defining the core competencies of our business domains, and creating synergy. As a comprehensive material handling systems manufacturer, I recognize that Daifuku is involved in supporting logistics innovation on a global scale. The material handling systems provided by Daifuku also hold a high potential to be used in new business domains, so its range of customers is likely to expand further. If Daifuku addresses the logistics requirements of its customers by leveraging the technology and knowhow it has cultivated over the years, I expect to see sustainable growth. Moreover, actively incorporating health management, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and other aspects of ESG (Environmental, Society, Governance) into its management and by understanding and recognizing the responsibilities placed upon global corporations in terms of meeting the challenges faced by society, and creating and publicizing Daifuku’s CSR action guidelines, all of which contribute to enhancing the corporate brand. I highly regard Daifuku’s Board of Directors meetings and officers meetings for conducting open, natural discussions, and for working towards a greater level of diversity that keeps ahead of the needs of the times. The U.S.-China trade conflict, export controls on semiconductor materials to South Korea, and other issues hold the risk of having a particularly large impact on the e-Factory business going forward, so I feel it is necessary to enhance monitoring in the monthly business reporting. Although aggressive growth investments are essential, I feel there will be some situations that require Daifuku to adjust course. Likewise, it is vital to always maintain a balance between investments for expanding business and risk control. I recognize that offering proposals regarding course adjustments in these situations is one of my duties as an outside director. Meanwhile, I hope to further deepen my understanding of Daifuku’s business and fulfill my supervisory function from an objective standpoint in order to contribute to safeguarding the profits of shareholders and investors.ProfileApril 1974 Joined Kanematsu-Gosho, Ltd. (now Kanematsu Corporation)April 1997 General Manager of Finance Department, Kanematsu CorporationJune 2004 Director, member of the board of Kanematsu Electronics Ltd.April 2014 Chairman, Kanematsu Electronics Ltd.April 2016 Chairman and CEO, Kanematsu Electronics Ltd.April 2018 Director and Senior Adviser, Kanematsu Electronics Ltd.June 2019 Adviser, Kanematsu Electronics Ltd. (to present)Mineo Sakai (Assumed office in June 2018)51Daifuku Report 2019

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