Daifuku Report 2019

Environment, Society, GovernanceServing as a sounding board in an effort to help maintain sustainable growthMy field of expertise is accounting. Following my 35 years working for audit firms as a certified public accountant, including six years in New York, I have spent the last seven years as a professor in the business management department of a university. I am now serving my sixth year as an outside director of Daifuku. I feel that Daifuku prioritizes its customers and never forgets the goal of challenging tomorrow under its company creed of Hini Arata. Ever since listed companies became subject to Japan’s Corporate Governance Code in 2015, importance has come to be placed on corporate governance and this concept rapidly became a mainstay of companies in Japan. Although many listed companies in Japan conduct governance in compliance with this Code, it is important for these companies to evolve so that they can rapidly make decisions to address the drastically changing corporate environment. I feel that today Daifuku is ahead of other listed companies because it upgrades its governance structure every year. The remaining challenges, however, include the ability to make decisions more quickly regarding new capital investments and M&As as a means of addressing the drastically changing global environment. Meanwhile, I feel that the challenge for us as outside directors is to increase the number of impartial proposals that leverage our individual expertise as third parties in the Board of Directors. The role (function) required of outside directors is to offer advice for supervising the overall management, supervising conflicts of interest, and improving management efficiency. Against this backdrop, I hope to better fulfill my advisory function. Although this advisory function includes offering advice regarding strategies and decision-making, as well as improving the corporate image, I also hope to fulfill the role of providing expertise and serving as a sounding board for managers. Going forward, Daifuku will need to enhance its management framework to further improve profitability as a means of maintaining sustainable growth, so I will also provide advice in this area.ProfileJuly 1978 Joined PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Osaka OfficeAugust 1982 Registered as a Japanese certified public accountant (CPA)July 1990 Registered as a U.S. CPA (New York)July 1995 Senior partner, Chuo Shinko Audit CorporationJuly 2005 Worked at the PwC New York Office as the national director overseeing Japanese clients in the U.S.January 2008 Senior partner, PwC AarataApril 2012 Professor at St. Andrew’s University (to present)June 2018Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Daido Life Insurance Company (to present)Message from Outside DirectorsYoshiaki Ozawa (Assumed office in June 2014)Corporate Governance50

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