Daifuku Report 2019

Environment, Society, GovernanceCorporate Governance With respect to the voting rights as to cross-shareholdings, assessments shall be made individually by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) by attaching importance to the medium- to long-term improvement of the corporate value of each cross-shareholding partner. At the time of the assessment, special attention shall be paid to whether the cross-shareholding partner has been tarnished by scandals or has committed an antisocial act. If the cross-shareholding partner should be involved in such circumstances, its managerial approach to improvement shall be scrutinized. Audit reports concerning such partner shall also be scrutinized.• When a cross-shareholder indicates its intention to sell the Company’s shares, the Company shall not hinder the sale of the cross-held shares.• At the April 2019 meeting of Board of Directors, the Company reviewed the appropriateness of its cross-shareholdings held at the end of fiscal 2018. During fiscal 2018, the Company sold one issue, which resulted in 13.8 billion yen on the balance sheet as its cross-shareholdings. The Board will decide to sell some of its holdings on a timely basis, checking stock prices, etc.Establishment of the Audit DivisionIn April 2019, Daifuku established the Audit Division comprising 19 full-time staff and appointed an Audit Officer, who is on the same level as a Corporate Officer, as a general manager of the division. The Audit Officer attends board meetings and other important meetings. The Audit Officer also reviews the development and operation of the internal control system and promotes improvement from a position independent of executives, considering a variety of issues, including compliance with applicable laws and regulations, risk management, ensuring appropriate and efficient business management, and ensuring the reliability of financial reports.Formulation of the Group Code of ConductWith the aim to realize the Group company creed and management philosophy, Daifuku reviewed its existing corporate code of conduct and, in April 2019, newly established its Group Code of Conduct that defines the fundamental principles we (all directors, officers and employees of the Group) should follow. The BRAND PASSPORT, which introduces the code of conduct and Daifuku’s corporate policies structure, is distributed to all associates within the Group.Review of the whistle-blowing systemDuring fiscal 2018, Daifuku revised its internal reporting (whistle-blower) system to increase its effectiveness. The new system features anonymous reporting and in eight languages, so that every associate of the Group (including partner companies) is able to report in their own languages.Business entertainment and gift-givingDaifuku strives to improve compliance awareness of all associates through the Group Code of Conduct, etc.• We will comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations in each country and region, act according to social ethics and ensure transparency in respect of entertainment and gift-giving with customers, business partners and other stakeholders.• We will not provide entertainment or carry out gift-giving to domestic and/or international public officials to obtain improper business advantages.Dialogue with shareholders (investor relations activities)To contribute to sustainable growth and the increase of corporate value over the medium-to-long term for the Group, Daifuku promotes constructive dialogue with its shareholders. The Company conducts timely and appropriate disclosure of information through the Investor Relations (IR) Department. In addition, the Company broadly pursues transparency through information disclosure on its website.3451このグループ行動規範は、ダイフクグループの社是・経営理実現するために、私たち(すべての取締役、役員および社実践すべき行動のありかたを示したものです。私たち一人ひとりは、 ダイフクグループの一員として職行うにあたり、下記の基本姿勢のもとでこの行動規範を遵誠実に行動します。・私たちは、法令・社会規範や倫理に照らして、正しく行動し・私たちは、事業活動のあらゆる局面において、なによりも安 優先します。・私たちは、「日新」の気持ちを常に忘れず、たゆまぬ挑戦と変 続けます。基本姿勢 今日の「われ」は昨日の「われ」にあらず明日の「われ」は今日の「われ」にとどまるべからずToday we are doing betterthan we were yesterday.Tomorrow we will be growingahead of where we are today.社是経営理念グループ行動規範この冊子「BRAND PASSPORT」は、DAIFUKUブラン基盤となる理念体系を紹介し、さらにグループ行動規範をしています。 ダイフクグループの一員として日々の行動のとしてください。1. ブランドとは、お客さまからいただく信頼や期待の証2. ブランドとは、先人から受け継いだ経営資産です。3. ブランドとは、私たち社員一人ひとりの誇りです。ダイフクグループが考えるブランドの定義は、以下の3つ箔押し:シルバー/マットPP1.2.最適・最良のソリューションを提供し、世界に広がるお客さまと社会の発展に貢献する。自由闊達な明るい企業風土のもと、健全で成長性豊かなグローバル経営に徹する。DAIFUKU ブランドブック:和文DAIFUKU BRAND PASSPORTCFO cited in “Best CFOs” list in major U.S. financial magazineIn May 2019, Daifuku was selected by Institutional Investor, one of the world’s leading U.S. financial information publications, as one of the highly ranked “Honored Companies” in “The 2019 All-Japan Executive Team” in the Engineering & Machinery sector. Daifuku’s Mikio Inohara, Executive Vice President and CFO, took second place in the “Best CFOs” category of this sector for the second year in a row.Attendees:119Voting rate:81%Results briefings:Held 4 timesGlobal IR tour:3 timesMeetings with investors:395 timesHeld:3 timesParticipants:617Participants:159Satisfaction level:97%Ordinary General Meeting of ShareholdersFor institutional investorsBriefings for individual investorsSite tour for shareholdersFY2018 results48

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