Daifuku Report 2019

Environment, Society, GovernanceDaifuku’s CSRJoint safety patrol by three affiliates [China]In May 2019, 12 executive members from Daifuku (China) Co., Ltd., Daifuku (China) Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Daifuku (China) Automation Co., Ltd. conducted a joint safety patrol of NGK Ceramics Suzhou Co., Ltd. (a manufacturing subsidiary of NGK Insulators, Ltd.), where an automated warehouse was being installed. With the aim of raising the safety awareness of all personnel through safety patrols by management members, this patrol is to be conducted at each site and factory twice a year. On the day of the patrol, after receiving a briefing on the installation work, the executive members patrolled a site, where around 30 personnel worked, and gave guidance on points needing improvement. At a follow-up meeting after the patrol, they shared a range of views and information on working more safely.Safety Award granted by Toronto Pearson Airport [Canada]In April 2019, 20 personnel from the Airport Service Division of Jervis B. Webb Company of Canada, Ltd. (Webb Canada), who work full-time at Toronto Pearson International Airport, were granted the Safety Award by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, which operates the airport. Seven of them were granted the Tier-3 award in recognition for their notable activities or major initiatives promoting changes in processes, culture, and behaviors, which had a significant impact on the company and the airport overall. Thirteen received the Tier-2 award in recognition of their safety measures that had an influence on passengers, co-workers, and a specific area in the airport. At Jervis B. Webb Company (the parent company of Webb Canada), a culture of pointing out unsafe behaviors to each other across different fields has taken root. Jervis B. Webb is also committed to raising safety awareness among employees and making use of cross-functional teamwork. At its Safety and Health Committee, the company takes preventive safety measures and analyzes fundamental causes of problems.Global activities42

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