Daifuku Report 2019

Comment from an event organizerMy duty is planning and operation under the Daifuku Eco-Action program. For the purpose of building employees’ environmental awareness, we organize a nature observation event in a field belonging to the Company, Christmas tree making, an eco-quiz and an environmental focused photo competition. We are also involved in efforts to remove invasive species and in reed cutting organized by outside organizations at Lake Biwa. We are thus actively engaged in environmental conservation activities in neighboring areas as well. We will continue to enrich our environmental education through the program.Basic stanceThe most profound risk to our business continuity comes from global environmental issues, including climate change and biodiversity. At the same time, we recognize that solving such issues also presents business opportunities for us. In the Daifuku Environmental Vision 2020 formulated in 2011, we are stating, “We strive to be environmentally aware in every business activity, including consistently developing and providing material handling systems with low environmental impact.” As the three priority measures to achieve this vision, we promise to: “Promote environmentally friendly activities in business operations,” “Increase the number of environmentally friendly products and services,” and “Enhance the foundations for environmental management.” We have set up targets for each measure to be achieved by 2020.Promotion frameworkToward achieving the targets of the Daifuku Environmental Vision 2020, we have set up the Environment Enhancement Management Committee, led by the CEO and the CFO and comprising heads of all operations, the Committee is the highest decision-making body on environmental management issues across the Group. The Committee shares information on progress achieved toward the annual environmental targets and issues and makes discussions, while the top management directs initiatives and planning. The Committee members report these initiatives to employees across the Group and our suppliers.InitiativesDaifuku Eco-Products certification programSince 2012, Daifuku has been operating an in-house program to rate and certify the energy and environmental design of its own products. Under the program, we rate every product manufactured within the Group in terms of energy saving, recyclable, lightweight, long life, resource saving, water conservation, low noise, water pollution prevention, and harmful substance reduction. As of June 2019, we have 54 certified products that meet a certain standard as Daifuku Eco-Products.Daifuku Eco-Action programIn 2012, Daifuku established its Eco-Action program, which rewards eco-points for environmental activities undertaken by employees in a bid to foster an environmental mindset. With a variety of ecological activities provided in each region, a total of 6,458 employees participated in volunteer activities and environmental learning events. Eco-points gained by employees can be exchanged for green goods and other rewards. In addition, we donate an amount equivalent to the total points gained by them to external organizations.For details, see our website:www.daifuku.com/sustainability/action/environmentJunko MiyoshiOrganizer Environmental Enhancement Management CommitteeContribute to the environment through corporate activities41Daifuku Report 2019

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