Daifuku Report 2019

Comment from an event organizerWe provide CSR activities that are readily available to employees at the Shiga Works. For fiscal 2019, we launched a regional revitalization team project to organize events with local communities and for making local specialties known to employees. We hope that these initiatives will help employees learn about the region. We will continue to actively collaborate with schools and associations to help revitalize the region.Environment, Society, GovernanceDaifuku’s CSRBasic stanceCommunication with communitiesDaifuku has a number of sites and offices around the world where it conducts business operations, including production and sales. Building good relations with communities at each site is a key goal for Daifuku and is essential to maximize our business activities. Accordingly, we strive to proactively communicate with communities through volunteer activities and collaboration with various organizations, while taking into account the cultures and legal requirements unique to each country and region.Communication with shareholders and investorsPromoting constructive dialogue with our shareholders and investors through our investor relations (IR) activities has significant implications for Daifuku’s sustainable growth and the medium- to long-term improvement of the corporate value. In accordance with Japan’s Corporate Governance Code stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we formulated the Daifuku Corporate Governance Guidelines in May 2016. Based on these guidelines, we strive to secure the rights and equal treatment of shareholders and enhance dialogue with them.Promotion frameworkCommunication with communitiesIn the CSR Action Plan (FY2017-FY2020) announced in April 2017, we included the number of Daifuku Group participants in social contribution activities as a new KPI (key performance indicator). In Japan, we will continue our social contribution by collaborating with communities through initiatives led by the General Affairs Department and the Environmental Enhancement Management Committee.Communication with shareholders and investorsThe Disclosure Committee chaired by the CFO discloses information based on laws and regulations, while the Investor Relations (IR) Department mainly conducts other information disclosure and dialogue in cooperation with relevant departments. For individual shareholders and investors, we provide site tours, participate in IR fairs, and conduct briefing sessions through securities companies. Another goal of these events is to raise awareness of Daifuku among the public and consumers.InitiativesLocal procurement and employmentDaifuku believes that one of the activities that contributes to the local economy is to procure in the vicinity of its operating area. We are dedicated to the growth of communities through our procurement in the area of the Shiga Works and other regions. With regard to hiring as well, we actively seek out talent in the vicinity of our sites and provide employment opportunities. We will continue to contribute to the vitalization and advancement of regional economies through local procurement and employment.For details, see our website:www.daifuku.com/sustainability/action/communingHitomi YasudaAssistant Manager General Affairs DepartmentCreate good relations with communities40

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