Daifuku Report 2019

Comment from an event organizerThe Mental and Physical Health Promotion Committee organizes events aimed at recovering from mental and physical fatigue, improving lifestyles, overcoming a lack of exercise, improving communication, and other related events. Participants’ comments such as remarking on their success in losing weight and the pleasure they take in the social gathering after the event help plan future events. By holding a wide range of events, the Committee will help not only existing employees but also those who retired to enjoy good health.Respect human dignity (human rights, labor practices, safety, health)Basic stanceHuman rights, labor practicesAs stated in its management philosophy, “Focus on healthy, growth-driven global management under a diverse and positive corporate culture,” Daifuku regards its employees as forming the basis of management. Responding to changes in the social environment outside the Company, we will promote diversity.SafetyBased on its slogan, “Safety is at the foundation of corporate sustainability and supersedes everything,” Daifuku conducts intensive safety training and risk assessment of machinery equipment and work procedures with the aim of eradicating workplace accidents.HealthPlacing the physical and mental health of employees as important issues, Daifuku adopted its Health Management Declaration covering the entire Group in April 2018. We strive to create a more stimulating and comfortable work environment through various health promotion measures and events.Promotion frameworkHuman rights, labor practicesIn April 2017, we set up the Work-Style Reform Committee with the aim of promoting diversity and achieving employees’ work-life balance. We will provide a work environment suitable for diverse human resources and improve productivity.SafetyThe Central Safety and Health Committee, directly led by the president, strives to ensure Group-wide safety management framework and eradicate workplace accidents through its regional safety and health committees and various task forces related installation, production, and procurement. With the aim of passing on a corporate culture that for years has focused on safety, Daifuku has obtained occupational safety and health management system certification, OHSAS 18001, at its major sites.HealthIn 2006, Daifuku established a cross-sectional organization, the Mental and Physical Health Promotion Committee. In cooperation with industrial doctors, public health nurse, and the health insurance association, we plan and conduct health promotion measures and events.InitiativesSurveys of employee awarenessWe conduct surveys of employee awareness to find the current state of employees and the Company, as well as clarify issues that need to be addressed. These surveys are anonymous questionnaires that deal with the experiences of employees (satisfaction, workload, and the potential of the Company) and their perspectives on the Company’s current state (work, working environment, their superiors, and the overall company). Based on these results, we give feedback to executives and employees, which then leads to initiatives for creating a workplace where they are able to work actively, and where the organization is invigorated.For details, see our website:www.daifuku.com/sustainability/action/employeeNoriko IchimiOrganizer Mental and Physical Health Promotion Committee39Daifuku Report 2019

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