Daifuku Report 2019

Comment from a BCP managerOn the basis of activities that address natural disaster risks and CSR efforts, we engage in business continuity management activities compliant with the ISO 22301 standards to achieve the best possible business continuation in the event of a major earthquake or other disaster. In the wake of an earthquake at seismic intensity 5 or higher on the JMA scale, we check the safety of employees and gather information on damage at our sites and business partners and share such information among all personnel concerned. We quickly collaborate with different departments to ensure an initial response system with the aim of business continuity.Strengthen risk managementBasic stanceIt is vital to manage the risks associated with the globalization of business with the aim to fulfill social responsibilities towards stakeholders. In accordance with its management policies and Group Code of Conduct, Daifuku strives to build a global corporate culture that is resilient in emergencies, by sharing information about corporate risks across its Group to address all business risk responses and minimize the impact on corporate management.Promotion frameworkDaifuku implements cross-organizational risk management measures through the Human Resources and General Affairs Division, which is under the control of the Chief Risk Officer (CRO). Under its risk management rules, the related divisions take measures to mitigate risks and minimize impact from the occurring risks according to the level of criticality. For natural disaster risks, such as earthquakes, winds and floods, lightning, fires and new flu strains, we develop business continuity plans (BCPs). The Information Security Committee focuses on risks related to the Group’s information security. The Compliance Committee, which is chaired by the president, addresses law violation risks with the potential for high impact. In addition, we formulated our Group Code of Conduct to ensure legal compliance, fairness and ethics. In recent years, as a countermeasure against the global risk of potential law violations, we have established basic rules detailing specific measures and procedures to comply with competition and bribery laws. We also distribute messages from the president conveying the importance of compliance to all employees.InitiativesWhistle-blowing systemTo enhance the effectiveness of our internal reporting (whistle-blower) system, we revised the system with new internal rules in April 2018. The new framework provides two separate channels—internal contact and external independent contact—that accept reporting from whistle-blowers. Anonymous reporting is available, and staff members worldwide can use their own language for reporting. The president delivered a message about the updated system, where a whistle-blower is able to report at ease at every corner of the Group.Tetsuya NittaManager BCP Promotion General Affairs DepartmentFor details, see our website:www.daifuku.com/sustainability/action/riskmanagement37Daifuku Report 2019

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