Daifuku Report 2019

Comment from an engineerThe Engineering Department studies system layouts and operation approaches in view of customers’ requests and needs to give them high value-added proposals. Its quality-related efforts include 3D layout creation at the planning stage, the verification of workability with the use of virtual reality, and verification of capacity through simulation. These actions are aimed at testing systems in advance. We will continue our efforts to provide high quality systems that satisfy customers.Environment, Society, GovernanceDaifuku’s CSRProvide high quality products and servicesBasic stanceSince its founding in 1937, Daifuku has been involved with material handling. We have developed material handling systems and equipment for storage, transport, sorting, and picking, tailored to a variety of fields and industries to provide the best solutions. Our business environment is expected to keep growing in line with globally expanding logistics-related investments from the e-commerce sector; increasing demand for automation and longer facilities; and use of capital investment to resolve labor shortages and increase productivity. We believe it is vital to consistently improve the quality of products and systems we provide to society to ensure safety by thorough compliance with related laws, regulations and guidelines, and to have appropriate countermeasures in place to provide a sincere response to any unexpected issues arising. We therefore uphold the following as our management philosophy, “Provide the best solutions to benefit the global markets and the development of society.”Promotion frameworkIn accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System regulated by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), the pursuit of customer satisfaction is our fundamental policy and we guarantee the quality at every stage of planning, sales, design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service. Daifuku conducts quality management system initiatives based on top management reviews of the quality assurance system, which is linked with feedback from business operation management reviews that evaluate the achievements of each business operation and implement nonconformity corrective measures. In addition, as a companywide management review, the president evaluates and makes judgments on the necessity for changes in the quality management system by reviewing the progress made in achieving our product quality goals with the aim to strive for continuous improvements.InitiativesHanding down techniques and skillsDaifuku provides various sessions and on-the-job training to develop global personnel and facilitate the sharing of techniques and skills of experienced personnel with junior employees. We also strive to sustain and improve the necessary techniques for manufacturing, such as welding and assembly, by regularly holding tests under the skill evaluation program. A total of 514 personnel are qualified as of June 2019.Takeshi NakanishiAssistant Manager System Planning Engineering Division FA&DA OperationsFor details, see our website:www.daifuku.com/sustainability/action/quality36

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