Daifuku Report 2019

ElectronicsContecAkira Ikari President and CEO Contec Co., Ltd. Contec Co., Ltd. is an internal business venture spun off from Daifuku in 1975. On the basis of electronic devices that have been embedded into material handling systems, it offers high-end industrial computers, circuit boards for measurement control and network-related products.Market environmentIndustrial computers are familiar to people involved in manufacturing since they are used for control of different equipment in factories and built in to industrial machinery. As the moves towards technologies for Industry 4.0 and the use of IoT gather momentum, demand for industrial computers is on the rise. Not confined to applications for factory automation and process automation, the market is expanding to such domains as the environment, energy, medical services, distribution, airport security and social infrastructure. There is a worldwide call for the introduction of IoT technologies and for the visualization of everything in factories and offices for the purpose of productivity improvement in different operations. Accordingly, the CONPROSYS Series, an array of easy-to-introduce remote monitoring and maintenance systems, is increasingly being adopted.InitiativesContec embarked on its initiatives in the machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT solution business from an early stage, on the basis of its three long-nurtured core technologies, namely industrial computers, measurement control and networking. It already serves the Japanese market by offering remote monitoring systems and cloud services that combine its IoT devices. Going forward, Contec will strengthen marketing of electronic devices and products outside Japan and will make swift efforts to develop new technologies in an aim to maintain stable growth. Sales of Contec’s industrial computers have been soaring in the U.S. for medical equipment and for airport security applications. The company will seek to continue this sales expansion. Under a management philosophy of contributing to society through original technologies and products, Contec will strive to improve its business performance and its corporate value.Sales by business FY2018CONPROSYS Series 33Daifuku Report 2019

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