Daifuku Report 2019

Co-Creating New ValueOur Business Airport TechnologiesATecShuichi Honda Director and Senior Managing Officer Airport TechnologiesDaifuku provides a wide range of systems primarily for baggage handling lines, including self-service baggage check-in systems, security systems and airport facility monitoring systems, to airports around the world. Its subsidiaries in North America, Europe and Oceania work as one to operate this business.Self-service bag dropSecurity lanesSystem monitoringBaggage transport and sorting systemExplosives detection systemOperation and maintenance servicesBaggage make-up systemTemporary baggage storageBaggage claimSolutions for airportsIn addition to material handling systems, such as baggage check-in, transport, sorting and temporary storage systems, we provide operation and maintenance services in airports. Better prepared for tougher baggage inspection standards, we also offer systems for monitoring baggage in transit and mobile inspection tables based on automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) incorporating ergonomic technologies for greater inspection efficiency in baggage inspection.High-speed transport between terminalsSales by business FY2018AGV-based baggage screening system30

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