Daifuku Report 2019

Co-Creating New ValueOur Business AFAAutomotive Factory AutomationFloor friction conveyorFloor chain conveyorOverhead electrified monorail system Overhead chain conveyorHorizontal turn floor friction conveyorOverhead friction conveyorLow-bed slat conveyorFloor friction conveyor with lifting unitsPBS*1 lineTrim*2 lineFrom a paint shopTo finished vehicle shipping areaChassis*3 lineFinal*4 lineFinished vehicle inspection lineAutomobile Production Line SystemsCentered on Japanese companies, Daifuku provides automakers with systems for automobile production lines worldwide, including the U.S., China, South Korea, Thailand, and countries in Latin America and Europe. The systems convey car bodies through the entire manufacturing process, including press, weld, paint, and assembly.Hidenori Iwamoto Director and Managing officer Automotive Factory AutomationCar body conveyor system in an automotive assembly shopOur technologies have been introduced to all processes within automotive assembly shops. The systems are ergonomically designed to ensure ease of working and safety, with the ability to adjust the body height according to the work process as one example of this.*1 PBS: Paint Body Storage*2 Trim: Process of attaching the accessories and parts to the car body*3 Chassis: Process of attaching the accessories and parts to the car undercarriage*4 Final: Process of adding the finishing touchesSales by business FY201828

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