Daifuku Report 2019

CONTENTS Growth and VisionTo Our Stakeholders2Corporate Policy4Our Growth History6CEO Message8CFO Message14Environment, Society, GovernanceDaifuku’s CSR34Corporate Governance44Directors, Auditors, and Ofcers54Data SectionKey Performance Indicators58Eleven-Year Financial Summary60Consolidated Financial Statements62Non-Financial Highlights67Evaluations by Third Parties68Company Data and Stock Information69Global Network70Co-Creating New ValueDaifuku Value Creation Model16Global Reach20Our Competitive Strength22Our Business 24Editorial PolicyThis report presents a brief summary of material information particularly relevant to the Daifuku Group’s value creation in line with international frameworks, including IIRC*, and GRI** standards. See the Company website for more detailed information: www.daifuku.com The report covers 56 companies, including the parent company, 53 consolidated subsidiaries and one equity-method affiliates (as of March 31, 2019).*IIRC: International Integrated Reporting Council**GRI: Global Reporting InitiativePeriod coveredFiscal 2018 (April 2018 to March 2019)Whenever it is appropriate to include historical background information and data or recent examples, reporting may include matters outside this time period.Front cover designThrough this report, Daifuku communicates past, current and future efforts to provide value to society. With specic focus on the future, we use one of our currently running corporate advertisements, which highlights our stance of “we go where customer needs are headed.” We will continue to embrace and exibly respond to changing logistic needs.1Daifuku Report 2019

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