Daifuku Report 2019

45,000165,000030,00015,000(CY)202020132005202513213244,00044,000163,000163,0004,4004,400Forecasts from 2020 onwardForecasts from 2020 onward*HID: High efficiency inductive power distribution (technology) Market environmentSince the 2008 global financial crisis, demand for storage and transport systems for semiconductor factories has been on the rise along with growing construction of cutting-edge facilities. Particularly since 2017, demand surged chiefly among customers producing semiconductor memory, following massive growth in data volume across the globe. Even if there is a short-term downturn arising from U.S.-China trade tensions, advances in artificial intelligence (AI), fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication systems and automatic driving technologies means that state-of-the-art semiconductors will be needed in enormous quantities and that demand will continue to expand in the medium- and long-term future. Demand for systems for FPD and OLED factories is expected to temporarily slow after intensive construction of a series of large FPD factories that started in China in 2017. Meanwhile demand for OLEDs, which are increasingly used on smartphones, is set to continuously rise given that investments in them are gathering pace in China in place of FPDs.InitiativesWe are now receiving orders for the Green HID* System. Along with a 23% lower power consumption than the conventional model, the Green HID provides low vibration and high cleanliness, decisive factors in cleanroom environments. We will focus our development on creating non-stop systems that incorporate failure diagnosis and self recovery based on IoT and AI technologies. In recent years, we have received a series of supplier awards from our principal customers. We will continue to improve quality by enhancing a cross-sectional quality management system covering design, production and installation teams and move further ahead with shortening of delivery time and cost reduction, taking advantage of our production system between our four production sites in Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea.World data volume(EB*)*1 EB (Exabyte) = 1018BSource: IDC “The Digital Universe of Opportunities” compiled by Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryGlobal operationsClean Factomation (Gyeonggi)Daifuku (Suzhou) Cleanroom AutomationDaifuku America (Ohio)Daifuku Co., Ltd. Shiga Works (Japan)Taiwan Daifuku (Tainan)27Daifuku Report 2019

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