Daifuku Report 2019

*Co-Creating New ValueOur Business 350m160meFA Electronics Factory AutomationReticle stockerOverhead transport systemNitrogen purge stocker**An automated warehouse that enables the injection of nitrogen into stored containersRoughly eight times the area of a soccer fieldCleanroom Production Line SystemsDaifuku provides storage and transport systems designed exclusively for clean rooms to factories manufacturing semiconductors, flat-panel displays (FPDs), and organic light emitting displays (OLEDs). With cutting-edge technologies suited to miniaturization of semiconductors and production of larger-sized FPDs and OLEDs, we hold a large market share.Seiji Sato Director and Managing Officer Electronics Factory AutomationState-of-the-art semiconductor factoryA semiconductor factory performs many hundreds of manufacturing processes. A large factory has interbay rail tracks with a total length of 10 km on the ceiling of the clean room as well as hundreds of wafer transport vehicles in operation 24/7. Wafers in process require very careful handling. As semiconductors are becoming finer, lower vibration levels are needed. Software for managing vehicle operations according to production plans is also becoming increasingly advanced and sophisticated.Sales by business FY201826

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