Daifuku Report 2019

20 locations9,857 (Up 664 year on year)54 countriesEmployees outside Japan6,459 (Up 523 year on year)We have sites in 26 countries and regions to receive orders from a broad range of customers world-wide.Along with expansion in our global network, we have optimized the use of our diverse range of human resources.To respond to rising global demand, we are expanding our production framework.Employees (consolidated)· Kito Corporation (April 2004) Acquired the logistics system business· Alvec Corporation (February 2005) Acquired the software business· QubicaAMF Worldwide LLC (December 2006)· Osaka Machinery Works Co., Ltd. (January 2008)· Komatsu Utility Co., Ltd. and its group company Komatsu Forklift ILD Co., Ltd. (May 2009) Acquired the logistics system service business· Yasui Corporation (January 2011) Acquired the car wash equipment business· Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. (April 2012) Acquired the service business· Iwasaki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (April 2012)· Jervis B. Webb Company (December 2007)· Logan Teleex, Inc. (April 2011)· Elite Line Services, LLC (November 2012)· DTx Inc. (December 2012)· Wynright Corporation (October 2013)Production sitesInstallation recordJapanU.S.A.(FY2018)(As of September 2019)(FY2018)21Daifuku Report 2019

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