Daifuku Report 2019

Co-Creating New ValueGlobal ReachExpanding business scope through M&A (From 2000 onwards)Since 2000, through its M&A activities, Daifuku has expanded its business scope and development into global markets. Anticipating change moving forward, we will continue to target sustainable growth by ensuring optimal procurement and production worldwide and maintaining a balance between globalization and localization.· Logan Teleex (UK) Ltd. (April 2011)· Logan Teleex (France) S.A.S. (April 2011)· Scarabee Aviation Group B.V. (June 2019)· Hallim Machinery Co., Ltd. (August 2012)· BCS Group Limited (December 2014)· Vega Conveyors and Automation Private Limited (April 2019)· Intersystems (Asia Pacic) Pty Limited (September 2019)Sales by regionTop 5 worldwide material handling systems suppliers 201805004001002003009080(Billion yen)(FY)(%)4050 60702018201720162015201472%M JapanM North AmericaM Asia PacicM EuropeM Other P Non-Japan sales ratioEuropeAsia Pacific4,1673,2172,3501,7001,538DaifukuCompany ACompany BCompany CCompany DNet sales (U.S million dollars)Source: Modern Material Handling – May 2019Note: Excluding Daifuku, data for the remaining four companies is calculated from published materialsManufacturing & DistributionCleanroom Production LineAutomobile Production LineAirportOther* Materials and equipment for warehouses such as fixed racks and containers*Vega Conveyors and AutomationIntersystems (Asia Pacic)Scarabee Aviation Group20

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