Daifuku Report 2019

Value InnovationWe aim to evolve into a top-class Value Innovator that provides the best solutions for customers by capitalizing on our experience and technologies we have accumulated as a comprehensive manufacturer and integrator of material handling systems.Value ChainDaifuku creates values for its customers as well as itself with a global framework, encompassing consulting, system design, production, installation, and after-sales services to ensure long-term stable operations, and retrofits.Our BusinessDaifuku conducts business by industry with the aim of providing the best solutions to customers.Medium-Term Business PlanBased on an awareness that we hold a growing social responsibility, Daifuku sets the medium-term business plan, Value Innovation 2020, which started in fiscal 2017 and will ends in fiscal 2020, to achieve sound and sus-tainable growth.Daifuku’s CSRDaifuku believes the basic principles of CSR are to build a symbiotic relationship with its stakeholders and to practice the corporate policies structure through its corporate activities.Corporate GovernanceDaifuku strives to enhance its corporate governance with the aim of ensuring its sustainable growth and creating its medium- to long-term corporate value. As an indicator for this commitment, Daifuku has established the Daifuku Corporate Governance Guidelines as the guidepost for its activities, under which it shall continue to improve the effec-tiveness of its corporate governance in keeping with the spirit of the Company Creed and Management Philosophy.Economic ValueFinancial– Net sales: 459.4 billion yen– Operating margin: 11.9%– ROE: 19.5%Non-Financial– Waste recycling rates (Japan): 95.9%– CO2 reduction contribution from products and services: 63,326 tons of CO2 per yearFor details, see our website: www.daifuku.com/sustainability/esg-dataEach figure is based on fiscal 2018 results.Social ValueRealizing a sustainable society– Provide high quality products and services– Strengthen risk management– Nurture relationships of trust with our suppliers– Respect human dignity (human rights, labor practices, safety, health)– Create good relations with regional communities– Contribute to the environment through corporate activitiesCDaifuku Business ActivitiesDOutcome19Daifuku Report 2019

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