Daifuku Report 2019

Co-Creating New ValueDaifuku Value Creation ModelDaifuku seeks to streamline logistics and, as a material handling systems manufacturer and integrator, has been able to achieve signicant growth. Under our company creed Hini Arata, we aim to be a Value Innovator enhancing the competitiveness of our customers and, in tandem with contributing to the development of society, take up the challenge to enhance our corporate value.Company CreedDetails on pages 24-33Details on pages 22-23Value InnovationDaifuku’s CSRCorporate GovernanceSocial EnvironmentsInputDaifuku Business ActivitiesIncrease in movement of people and goods on a global scaleIntensifying global environmental issuesChanges in industrial structure due to innovative technologyMedium-Term Business PlanFA&DAATeceFAAWTAFAElectronicsSocial and Relationship CapitalHuman CapitalFinancial CapitalIntellectual CapitalManufactured CapitalNatural Capital New NeedsMaintenance and UpgradesSystem DevelopmentProviding SolutionsValue Chain16

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